|S4C Branding Project|

Level 5, Subject: Year 2

Within groups we have been given a live branding project for S4C, we have to create a series of different components in order to put together a full package for there television network to be aired on ST davids day.

within our groups we were asked to research what St davids day meant to us and the significant parts to wales as a whole. our group sat down with one of our welsh members of the group and asked what significant things they remember about their childhood about st davids day.

we decided that the best way to make this was to create a list and from there we could find a theme in which we could use for the creative package. after discussion we came up with this list:

  • Welsh Dragon
  • Leaks
  • Daffodils
  • Welsh cakes
  • Welsh love spoon
  • Castles
  • Land marks
  • Sheep
  • Mountains
  • Dressing up

Within schools and work places on St davids day, many people dress up in order to remember the life and celebrate the patron St david. this is usually done with clothing from within that era and also subtly done by attaching a daffodil or leak to the normal attire. this was largely pushed upon young welsh children to learn about their history and heritage within wales.

Whilst looking back upon these times we decided on one idea that could be channeled along the lines of nostalgic feelings and how we perceived St davids day when we were younger. creating almost a time hop effect my capturing film ideas of how the specific day was celebrated.

For this project we have been asked to create the following:

  • Idents
  • Break bumpers
  • Tops and Tails for promos
  • Visuals for Presentation Items
  • Print and Social media

We have to present these ideas on the 23rd of November to our client whom will then chose three groups from the 10 to take further and develop within S4C.


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