|The Designer. The Ideas. The Process|

Subject: Year 2

After having my group discussion and figuring out my trademark I decided to get on designing the touch points wanted for my project. 

t-shirt uniform.jpg

Here is an idea for a t-shirt design for uniform and the idea of creating the fusion for the brand itself.

First off I decided to figure out the full design of the trademark on the computer, I did this using adobe illustrator and created a new and different touch to the brand creating what I found to be the most suitable for my client.

I decided to use black and white for the design because I found this would be suitable and look professional, clear and crisp. This gave the most effective look for me and fitted the premium look the best.

The website idea: 

After looking at the other websites available online I decided that I wanted mine to be more current and different compared to the original strip navigation. I decided on a simple navigation drop down Symbol which clearly indicates the idea of all of the different locations in which the links can take you, as well as a quick fix search bar.

website design.jpg

I firstly mocked this up using photoshop to get an idea of how I wanted the layout to sit and create the best effect using a gradient tool to give the effect of the fusion  of both brands together to create the over all effect of the company.

I then decided to create this on indesign to create a more professional look. By using the accurate typefaces used within my design process in order to create a sense of unity.

Business cards:

I decided to do a business card for the client as I feel this is an appropriate way to get the brand and get them noticed. I knew that this couldn’t be just like your standard business card and that this had to be unique and different just like the brand. I decided to mock up a few ideas within a sketchbook to get an idea of how I wanted these designs to be laid out and put together.

buisness cards.jpg

As well as the business cards i also looked at creating a keyring as well

I feel that my strongest design is the one with the with cut outs within the logo. It creates a more modern look and a fusion between brands. I want to give this brand the ultimate premium feel without being too over powering, using a subtle colour scheme I feel works the best to create this feel and makes the customer more interested in the brand itself.
The van:

After looking at different images of shoe company vans I decided to create mine very similar in order to keep a running theme but add a new twist on it so it seems more exciting and new. I decided to do this by using a large image of a shoemaker creating the shoe and then add the gradient effect on top to show the fusion within the brand itself.


I then looked into playing around with the different positioning of the logo, this is to create a sense of diversity and create an interesting version of the brand itself.



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