|Your Brief, Our Priority, The Designer|

Subject: Year 2

After creating our design packages full of a complete persona, mood board, values and History, we then handed them in to recieve another brief to complete the designer side of the brief. 

We were given a different brief after creating our own and asked to create a full branding set. The brief I was given is a Handmade shoe maker, called mixed kicks. The concept of the company is to create a new shoe from two existing shoe brands, adidas and Nike. The idea is to take the sole of an adidas and combine it with the body of a Nike shoe. This company is based within Camden market and is aimed at young adults between the ages of 16-25.

When I was first given the brief I found the concept hard to grasp and took to designing as if both sportswear brands combined together to create another sportswear brand.  I tried looking at the mood board and persona I was given to gain inspiration for the colour palette and different textures I could use within the designing processes. I decided that the best way for me to do this would be to create a series of different logo designs as if the the brand was created as a sports wear brand.


I also looked at the colour palette used within the mood board which was jumping out to be quite bright and tacky looking. However the brand values specified within the brief did not match the mood board and persona and actually the brand itself which made the entire beginning of the process to be quite difficult. research

Group discussion/feedback:

After speaking to Ian weir and a few of my fellow course mates, it was seemed that I had taken a possibly different approach to the brief at hand. As I was designing for a fusion brand company I had looked into the different brands already available and decided to recreate a mood board compared to what I had also found out within my own personal research upon the subject. After explaining my thoughts upon the brief and how I felt about the material I was given I found it was clear that I was in need of a client and designer discussion about the design brief and whether I interpreted it wrong or right.

Discussion with the client:

After my discussion with the client I found that I had taken a different spin on the brief than how I should have originally interpreted it. The brand should be interpreted as a fashion brand and portray the values within the brief given. However I found that the brief and the values contradict each other and the client wasn’t sure about this. I felt that the client was after an upper class/ premium fashion brand, made up of two sportswear brands, situated within Camden market.


This made my design process quite difficult and I decided that the best way for me to do this was to put all of my design ideas on to paper to create a way of organising my thoughts and ideas. I decided to push out the way my original ideas and focus on a form of imagery. I focused my ideas mainly on the idea of a premium brand, I looked into linking words and came up with diamond quality, this then shows the quality of the brand is good, and like a diamond each pair is unique to the buyer creating a sense of unity with the customer and the brand.


I then decided to look into modern and interesting new ways of design yet being simplistic. My best designs are normally within the line drawing format and therefore are intricate and small detailed images however I decided to put a different spin on it and using geometric design, I created a fusion of diamond quality yet relatable imagery together to get effect desired.


After looking into other modern design I looked at typefaces used for logo’s and how this would work with the trademark. After looking into different versions of type like sans serif, serif and bold fonts. I decided to work with a modern yet bold typeface that stands out and creates a sense of youth. I feel that this is appropriate for the brand and works well with the trademark. The typeface is called Telefonica.


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