|Our Brief, Our Brand, The Client|

Subject: Year 2

For this project we have been given the opportunity to create a brand in the eyes of the client in order to show us how to correctly put together a design package for the designers and how we can create something unique and new by using our current new knowledge and applying it.

When given the opportunity to pull my concept for my brand out of the hat, I chose the candle maker. I have decided to challenge this by creating my own candle company.

I have decided that my candle company are going to be releasing a new range of candles that specify in aromatherapy to release the side effects of mental health issues. I have decided to look into 5 of the main issues that effect people all around the world and of different ages and to look into the scents in which releave the side effects of these issues.

Here are the main issues I have decided to look into and the scents in which help releave the side effects: 

– anxiety: lavender and chamomile

– stress: clary sage and bergamot

– insomnia: sandalwood and sweet marjoram

– hormone imbalance: sweet marjoram

– depression: rose geranium

After looking into these specific scents and the mental health issues too, I then took to looking at the values and personality of the brand and how I would like the brand to be perceived.

The brand values I have decided on are the following: 

– making everyday brighter

– unique personal relationship

– quality

– reliable

– passionate

– caring

– creative

– relaxing

I then took to looking to create a brand name, after looking into different names and playing around with different Concepts I decided to take to the idea of Latin and Greek mythological names to create the name for my brand.

Some of the ideas I had included ‘aesculapius’ which is the Greek god of health, however I found that this one would be difficult to spell and pronounce, I also don’t feel as if it is as catchy and could take off as well as another name.  Another idea was the Latin name for health, salutem. This is a shorter and snappier name however I feel that this would be mispronounced and doesn’t give off the main idea that the company itself is a candle making company. My last name is actually one of the most simple names yet I feel that out of the set it’s the most effective, this is the name for candle in Latin, ‘Lucerna’.

I feel that lucerna gives off the impression of an higher end candle company brand. It creates the idea of sophistication and class without it being too much. I feel that this works well together and also creates a sense that it’s a reliable and trust worthy brand due to the name being such of a historian.

My History:

Lucerna LTD is a British manufacturer and retailer of scented candles, candle holders and accessories. The company originated back in 1995 in Yorkshire. The candles originated in classic scents within a small gift shop and now th products are sold in thousands of gift stores nationwide, through catalogs and online, and in nearly 25 shops. Lucerna are best known for there range of aromatherapy candles, which specialise their scents for mental health sufferers. Mental health disorders have grown rapidly within young children, teenagers and adults world wide over the last 10 years and lucerna’s main focus is to help with this matter. Lucerna offer a wide range of scents that act as an aid of aromatherapy in order to help relieve stress, anxiety and hormones for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.
Mood board: Mood Board1.jpg

I have decided to portray my company as a quite calm and peaceful place to be. Keeping with simple and cosy colours in order to relax. I have kept the colour palette neutral as I felt this was easily adaptable for different people.  Mainly consisting of creams, soft greys and browns this allows for variation within personal preference.


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