|The Audience, Persona and Consumer|

Subject: Year 2

Today we looked into the different ways in which you should consider the audienece and what aspects you should look into.

We were first shown maslows theory, Maslow is an anthropologist, his theory is all about The way In which people are motivated.


Physiological is the first step in which we are motivated, this is mainly breathing, food, water, sex and sleep.

-Safety is the next step, security of the body and employment.

-Love and belonging then follows, friendship, family and sexual intimacy.

-Self esteem.

-Self actualisation

Maslows hierarchy of needs can be directly applied to consumer behaviour and brand marketing.

Target Audience:

– whom are your target audience

– why is it important

– research about them

There are six main characteristic to consider within your target audienece in order to create the best consumers:

Geographic: climate/ situation

Demographic: sex, ethnicity, age, income, occupation, education- relative status, family, relationships

Psychographic: personality traits, attitudes, values, lifestyles, interests and hobbies

Behavioural: responses, loyalty with scenarios, occasions, groups and families

Product related: might identify with, reject, engage with product, become a totem or motif

Motivations: individual agendas, unique to each person, rather than as a homogenous

These will then help to create a persona for client briefs and for other occasions in order to be able to apply the advertising to a specific area of clientele.

I decided to create three different personas for my design package as I feel that the product doesn’t conform to one specific age range.

First persona:


My first persona Is Sharon Anderson. She is a 35 year old mother of two. Living a busy life as full time accountant and trying to keep a house together.

She suffers from high levels of stress due to balancing her job and her children. She finds it hard to shut off to work and therefore deals with mild insomnia towards the end of the evening.



Second persona: unknown

My second persona is Lillie Dowell, she is a 17 year old student from a small town just outside of Yorkshire.

At the age of 14, Lillie was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. This was just after her parents had divorced and has already tried different courses of therapy.


Third persona: chris

My third persona is Christopher Williams, Christopher is 25 years old and from north London. He is a computer programmer and works within the heart of London.

Christopher gets Quite anxious before big jobs within his firm and tends to enjoy aromatherapy and meditation relaxation techniques.
I feel that this is the best way for me to show my designer the full range of my clientele. I feel that my company doesn’t specify a target audienece other than the fact it best for mental health sufferers.



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