|The use of Branding| 

Subject: Year 2

Today we were given another induction into the world of branding by cath Davies, she took the topic into a new light and created a different view upon the brand identity as a concept.

Brand identity:

A strong brand is created by focusing on its essence where communication managers look beyond the surface for brands innermost substance (kapferer)

Identity is constituted by a set of unique associations that should be defined by the brand strategist… represent what the brand stands for (acker 1996-1998)

Identity is about ethos, aims and values that present a sense of individuality, differentiating a brand.

I found this lecture particularly interesting as we were able to evaluate the images from the dr martins first and forever launch. We were able to dissect the different ways in which they use there branding techniques to create the perfect launch.


The course of images we were give to asses were all from the same launch to create the same effect. The images consisted of young adults wearing the clothing and shoes in which the brand supply in a way in which would have been worn within the 80’s. they created a mod type/punk vibe by the stance and the way they wear the clothing. This is also portrayed within the environments in which the images are taken. The casino/arcade setting, the bowling ally setting and the car park setting really created this effect.

Also within the website during the launch they created the tell us about your first pair of dr martins. This is a great use of branding as this allows for the viewer to tap into old memories and creates a nostalgic link in with print based adverts.


This also allows for a community to be set up and allow for people to reminis and  tell there own story upon the brand. This also creates a sense of want, if you do not already own a pair you are now left out and can’t tell your story. This encourages many people to purchase a pair as these are shoes in which you will remember forever, creating a direct affliction between yourself and the brand. This also encourages for many people to repurchase.

I found that this was a useful lecture as this allowed me to show and apply the use of knowledge in which I have learnt about the branding identity and how we use different techniques in order to create a connection with the consumer and the brand itself.


I feel that now I have applied them to another’s work I will be able to see links within myself and create my own connection within my own work.


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