|Introduction to Brand Naming|

Subject: Year 2

After looking into the world of branding and what makes up and allows for the creation of a brand we decided to look upon the different ways in which we can name a brand and create the trade mark for the company itself.

When trying to name a brand there are three factors in which you should consider:

– the connections/backstory

– whether it communicates the values and personality.

– the consequences of the trademark itself.

Here below is the many different ways in which you can name a brand.

Descriptive names: these explain what the company is. For example… Pizza Hut, toys r us.

Acronyms: these are initials for words that build up a series of letters. For example… BBC, ikea.

Associate names: these are associations with the product. For example : google, twitter.

Evocative name: for example innocent, O2

Invented names: these are made up names, making sure that these don’t already exist. For example…. Kodak, Aviva.

Founder names: these are names of the founder of the company or brand. For example… Disney, McDonald’s, Bosch.

Place names: these are mainly named after the place where the brand originated from or is situated. For example… Evian, fujifilm.

Esoteric names: these have no link to the brand and are purely abstract. For example….. tango, egg

Latin, Greek, and mythological values: these are names upon the original Latin and traditional names. For example… Nike, volvo, ambrosia

Heritage names: for example… friendslife, Scottish window.

After looking into this further I feel that I can apply these theories when picking a name for my company when given the option.


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