|What is branding?|

Subject: Year 2

Today we started our second year on the graphic communication course. We were introduced to our first topic : What is Branding? 

I have in the past been taught the simple and straight forward parts of branding. Such as what branding is and what it is used for. However we have never delved int as much information as we have today.

A brand is an organisation with its own personality, this allows for the brand to be perceived in a certain way and uses its beliefs, values, behaviour, attitude and aspirations to create the ultimate persona.

Branding is used to create a valuable asset. It creates value and makes the product and service given more visible. This also allows for the brand to gain a reputation, and a sense of customer security. Branding can also create an emotional attachment to products and companies, known as brand loyalty.

Brand values are a set of values which describes your brands personality. Many values include:

  • reliable, safe, traditional, young, fresh, friendly, aspirational, sophisticated, quality, no-nonsense, unfussy, and direct.

Before creating a brand there are many things in which you need to take into consideration:

  • is there room within the market?
  • is there something similar on the market? (competitors)
  • what are they doing that you can do differently?

The biggest factor to take into consideration is the client audience. When creating a branded product you have to take into consideration which age group, gender and social circle you are applying the branding to your product to.

This also then helps when finding your unique selling point, what your brand has that no-one else offers and how you are going to approach the product/service.


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