|Second Year- Goals and aspirations|


After completing first year with a high 2:1, I have decided to set my goal for this year to reach a first. With the feedback given from 1st year I have looked over how I need to personally improve in order to reach a 1st overall for this year.



  • After looking into the feedback given for subject my main improvement is to focus more on the process with design. i need to start to show the process more clearly through more detailed and thorough sketches and diagrams and show a clear link to each stage of my designs. this shouldn’t be too difficult to add upon and could add more interesting and visual content to my blog.
  • I also feel that using the content i have learnt throughout my time on work experience could help add more depth and help create a more interesting outcome to my work.


  • With my feedback from field it has been said that i need to concentrate on showing my content through my blog more. last year i found getting into the blogging part of the course quite difficult at the start of the year and wasn’t sure how to apply my course within the blogging format, especially with field. However this year my main focus is my blog, to keep it up to date daily and  making sure for no gaps.
  • I also aim to show my part of the group more within field this year, last year i put all of the group work on to my blog as i wasn’t sure which parts were necessary. this year my aim is to focus on my parts more and show what i have contributed to in the project.


  • Constellation when i first started the course wasn’t my favourite part of the course and i found my first module site difficult as i didn’t quite understand to the fullest extent what the subject that i was taken was about. this made the entire first term difficult to blog about and therefore ending with a below average grade for that particular module.
  • however with the second part of constellation i understood the topic more and found the lectures really interesting. this encouraged me to blog slightly more about the topic and that is my plan this year. i am to take full notes of each of my modules in order to be able to fully blog about them and show what i have learnt fully within constellation.
  • i also need to concentrate on my essay writing. i found that where i was caught out last year was the case that i thought i was rambling within the essay and putting too much unnecessary information, which i decided to remove before handing in the final piece. however when it came to the collection of the feedback it was information that i needed to further my grade.

I am excited to start this year and concentrate on gaining more knowledge and applying in to my work this year. This year is going to be really intense and the way in which last year wen so quickly I’m a jumble of nerves and excitement.





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