|My Opinion on Illustration and Traditional Technqiues|


From a young age I have always considered the older more traditional techniques within design the most valuable and solid foundations any designer can have. Many people can learn how to use photoshop like a pro and create interesting images using other software but when it comes to the fundamentals of pen and paper many designers look lost and dumb founded.

I want to talk about how the the use of pen and paper within industry is a crucial part of the design process and how many designers forget to use the traditional and jump straight into the modern and fasters ways in which to create a piece of work.

Working within industry for an internship has allowed me to see first hand how the design process is used within industry and the how different companies work opposed to the traditional one designer per client. I do feel that this way it allowed for the designer to understand fully all of the clients needs when put on to paper and expressed within thumbnails to show the entail thought process and compare ideas.

Within my course I feel that it is fully expressed that the full design process is completely crucial part of the project and really helps the client and designer relationship. I have always enjoyed putting pen to paper and this works for me. Whether that means scribbling down notes whilst on the phone or writing down lists to remind me what to get whilst shopping, I find this process the most reliable and relatable when in any environment.

I feel that having quite traditional based teachers throughout all of my school years has allowed me to really appreciate the traditional techniques that we don’t see as much today throughout the technological world. Being able to express myself through the use of paint, old and pastels has really taught me about the use of time management and how long it really can take to create perfection, which I crave for.


After admiring artist after researching throughout my years studying the arts I have always been quite heavily influenced by the more traditional art. I find that this still heavily inspires me today. When creating a piece of work I always try and incorporate a traditional technique whether thats a drawing scanned in by hand or a style in which was used within a specific time frame of the past. This has always allowed me to gain more depth within my work and has greatly shaped my style as a designer.


I feel that adding both the technical area of design with the use of traditional techniques creates a beautiful juxtaposition and shows a difference when put next to other work. The style that I particularly like at the moment is a mash up of watercolour, calligraphy and the digital use of photoshop and illustrator. I think this really shows the traditional brush strokes and use of colour within the image that allows to be perfected by the photoshop and illustrator techniques.





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