|Dare London- Work Placement|



For the last two weeks i have been on work-placement to develop my skills further within the design industry and the jobs available within the design industry. i’m going to explain to an extent in detail what i have encountered and learnt on my journey within my first experience after first year.

I have spent the last two weeks completing a work placement within a top design agency in London. I have learnt and developed different techniques to take on and use within my own work within university.

Over the last two weeks I have been following many different experience planners on their journeys with different clients in order to see and learn the different sections and skills used to work with clients and develop the design process further within industry with large clientele.

When I first started my placement I had to sign multiple different contracts in order to not unleash any information about the clientele and the work in process for these brands. Although I am unable to go into detail what different work I have been completing within my time here I am able to give a brief description of what the tasks entailed and what I would be doing within a job as an experience planner.


I am going to explain an everyday within the work of an experience planner. Firstly the employees are expected to start at 9, because of the different options for transport and the commute into work within London that many employees are either early or slightly late to work however they all make up the time after hours or within their lunch break. This is a normal thing and the atmosphere within the agency is very calm and cool, there is never a boring vibe and the office is always filled with interesting intelligent conversation and inspiring music to keep the employees on track and happy.

‘ There is never a boring vibe ‘

The tasks that have been completed by the experience planning job role tend to work around the research behind the client, mainly to do with stakeholders within the company and how they influence decisions. It then turns to research to the competitors within the companies industry. Who’s doing what better? How?  This is all noted down and taken into consideration when meeting with clients to show what and how they can improve their company. Whether this being there website, packaging, advertising or just the way the company apply themselves. The experience planners then go into the different behavior principles, looking into the different behavioral aspects in which the company and customers portray and use day to day and note them down in order to portray them to the client.

Then the jobs turn to an experience cycle, this shows in detail how the process should be for that particular brands industry and how the experience planners are going to ensure and create this effect within the creative process. This is then all collected within a room and a file in order to show clients the full prospectus of their company and all the research done behind their brand.

I have found that the last two weeks I have learnt so much and applied the previous studies of psychology accurately within the design industry. I have particularly enjoyed working with the team within dare and found them all to be welcoming, kind and greatly informative when helping me and introducing me to the different aspects within the job role. I hope to do much more work experience within the company and possibly develop my skills in the field further as my time at university progresses.

Dare has been a wonderful agency to work for and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with such intelligent and inspiring creators within the industry.



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