Finding Work-Placement


As part of my development as a designer I have decided to go out and complete a series of work placements in order to develop my skills further and gain experience within the field.

Within my earlier visit to London at the beginning of the year we visited design agencies as a part of the timetable, the design agency that I mainly took a shinning to was Dare, I found that the calm yet collected atmosphere with a modern twist really appealed to me. Before coming to university I studied psychology for a year at a level and  I found the theory behind the design and why we react and consume the way we do, fascinating yet I didn’t know the available job opportunities for this influence within design. After our session within the agency and speaking to the head experience planner mark, this completely inspired me to look into the job role within the industry.

After our meeting I decided to email mark in order to ask whether it would be possible to look into completing a work placement within Dare as an experience planner, to see what the job role entailed and whether I would possibly enjoy this and consider the option as a future job prospect. When I received the reply I was overwhelmed with the fact I had been offered a phone interview two days later.


The phone interview was very informative and interesting as he gave me lots of information about the job role and asked me lots of questions about my background, what subjects i was inspired  by and why I had decided to look into experience planning as a job option.

After a week I was told that I would complete a two week-placement within dare and I don’t think I had ever been that happy. after a few emails back and fourth about the placement I was then introduced to two other experience planners, they were very interested in what i was doing at university and where i wanted to take my career path. this then lead to me going to London in order to meet with them for coffee to have a discussion about my time within Dare  and the task in which I will be completing within the agency.

The information I have been given leading up to my start at dare has been incredible, the detail in which the employees have given me information about my placement and the work in which I will be doing has been, I’m entirely grateful for. This lead up to my placement has been so nerve wrecking and exciting, as I am very much looking forward to starting my placement with the planners at Dare



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