|Leaving Student Accommodation|


As a main part of my time in first year living in halls, it was inevitable that the time to leave and pack my belongings was looming. This is a blog post all about looking for new accommodation and the hurdles along the way.

As a part of finishing my first year it was time to me move out of halls of residence and find myself a house for next year. This was at first a challenging task and I found the topic of moving out quite unnerving and I wasn’t happy with the large changes I was about to face. However when it came to it I found the process quite rewarding.

I started looking for my house for this upcoming academic year back in january, I had originally planned to move in with most of the flat mates I had been currently been living with. However when it came to our personalities and being realistic about the move we decided it was best to part ways and find new housemates to live with next year. At first I was quite worried as I wasn’t sure who I would be living with and whether moving in with new people again would set me back. I decided to sit down with my other flat mates that decided to stick together to figure out how we were going to go about selecting new flatmates to live with next year. Firstly we decided that a larger number than 4 and no more than 6 was the best amount for us when it came to the amount of flatmates we were happy to move in with. So we decided that both myself and my other two flat mates would each select a new person in order to move in with us.

At first this worked really well and after a days of speaking to course mates and team mates we decided on three other people in order to start looking for a house together. It took us two weeks to decide on a house that we all agreed on and that we were happy to go ahead and sign the contracts, and by February we had signed the contracts to our house for September. However after this process one of our new flatmates decided that they weren’t happy and opted out of the house leaving us one behind, we then had to find a replacement, which was as simple as asking a course mate which turns out to be the correct decision.This was then decided and our house is now ours as of September.

Moving out of halls for myself was different to how others had left, after a long process I managed to myself a work placement within a london design agency called This Is Dare. This meant that after finishing for the year I then had to relocate to london in order to complete the placement and gain the experience I need in order to get out within the design field. I therefore couldn’t take all of my belongs and meant that my belongings had to then move into a storage unit ready for me to move into the house in september.

‘I’m very lucky to have met such wonderful people and spending time getting to know them, it was a privilege to live with them.’

After renting out a storage unit and getting the space needed for my belongings to go into, the day that I finally finished first year I packed and moved all of my things into a storage unit ready to travel to london the next day. At first I had trouble getting ready for this, as  I don’t drive yet I had to rely on others to help me move my belongings, my first ride was unable to help me only 2 days before I had to have my things within the unit, so after this I decided to look upon my new flatmates for next year and with the help of one of them I managed to get everything to the unit.

Spending my first year in halls has definitely helped shape me as a person, it has allowed me to gain life skills and bond with others that I wouldn’t normally associate with. It has broadened my friendships and allowed me to converse with others that aren’t on my course. I have made friends for life from halls of residence and to any students looking into halls I recommend them, and if you’re within them and aren’t sure about it yet… they take adjusting to, but they are definitely worth it.

My flatmates for this year weren’t the type of people I was expecting to live with. We were all very different, of different ages and stages within our lives. However I am very lucky to have met such wonderful people and spending time to get to know them, it was a privilege to live with them. I hope to keep contact within the future and I wish those who I won’t see as much all the best with the future.


Living in Plas Gwyn Halls of residence was the best decision I have made in terms of accommodation and university.



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