|My First Year- Reflection|


After spending a year within Cardiff Metropolitan university, I have to say I have really enjoyed myself and the friends that I have met along the way are great.

real csad

The first year for myself started off quite slow, I found that the introduction for the course was quite long and coulee been shorter in order to get us straight into the main projects. However when I look back upon those past months I realise that they were there in order to get everyone to the same level and get everyone within the same place as well as bonding together to create friendships. I feel that this actually worked well, gaining many of friendships within the first term was worth it in order to gain a foundation within the design school.

The friends that I have met along the way have been amazing, they have really boosted my confidence as well as broadening my social skills and getting out and becoming more aware of what is around the cardiff as a city. This has then allowed me to apply these friendships within the course using group work to show that together we can make a good team and use our different skills and interests to create the best piece of work possible.

I feel that this has also allowed me to push myself in more areas within graphics, this has allowed me to become a more varied and accomplished designer.

I also feel that within the first year i have grown as a person. Moving to cardiff from plymouth has allowed me to gain much more independence. Not only within the living arrangements as cooking my own food and cleaning up after myself isn’t enough… noo.. I’ve also gained experience and confidence to travel on my own. Before coming to university, never in my right mind would ever feel that getting on a train to london would be a great idea and finding out the different places that I could gain experience.. However doing so has allowed me to develop much more within my social ways and gain experiences I could have only dreamed of this time last year.

With the confidence to complete the tasks I have achieved this year, I am excited to see what the next two years have in store for me and how I can develop not only as a designer but as a person too.

when everyone tells your first year at university will change you and your life changes i always thought it was wrong, how could it be? but it has. its completely changed me and i am so grateful for this first year.




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