|Our Summer Show|


At the end of the year we have a summer show in order to put our most recent piece of work on display to the public. This also gave us the opportunity to set up the show and do all of the preparation to create a clear and modern set for the work.


For the show we had to clear a large room space for the work to go into, by moving tables and chairs this allowed for a large space to start preparing the wall space.

After moving the furniture in order to clear the space we then started to paint the walls and tables white in order for the space to look as professional as possible to make the work stand out. As a class we took different areas of the room and prepared the room set for the placing process of the work itself.


After the paint was dry, we then took the boards and set them up in a table formation in order for the work to sit. This was simple to do and took 4 people, one on each corner of the board to be able to sit the table on to the stand. This worked well and when assembled properly it looked very effective

When the tables were assembled we then moved on to create the set up for our work. By taking coloured pieces of paper cut and positioned underneath our work we then took these papers and set them in place with double sided tape to keep the paper down and allow for an add of colour within the room and to draw the viewers in to the work itself. We then took and cut out our names in order to also assemble them to the coloured paper in order for the work to be easily identified within the room itself.

This stood out and within the room itself worked really well and was quite effective. I feel quite proud of the work that I have completed this year and the way i have altered not only as a designer but as a person too. The work that I have had put on display was my last editorial project. I found this to be my favourite piece of work and the end product was very rewarding.


I have particularly enjoyed this year and I loved going to see everyones work within the 1st and 3rd year degree show. I’m very excited and looking forward to starting back in September to increase my knowledge and develop more as a designer.





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