|Visiting The Degree Show|


After all of the work done within the year it was finally nice to see the different work within the Cardiff metropolitan university degree art exhibition. I decided one afternoon to breakup a busy day of course work by looking through the graphics section of the exhibition to see what the third year students have created within their final year and what we have to look forward to as students.

I found the exhibition completely inspiring. looking at some of the work on show has made me very excited and nervous for what is in store within the next two years on the degree. Some of the work on display was completely out of my comfort zone and actually parts of the work i didn’t realise fitted within the graphics bracket.


One of the pieces of work that really stood out for me was the large dragons head made out of different slips of coloured paper. I felt that this worked really well as a final piece up on display however i wasn’t sure how this reflected on graphics within anyway and the only way in which i could link it back to graphics without looking on the wall would be a children’s pop up effect. However the piece looked beautiful mounted upon the wall.


Another piece that i really liked was the animated animal heads i felt that this looked similar to my geometric fox head and i liked the similarities with my work. I feel that after looking at some of the pieces this has allowed me to look forward and expect the unexpected when i comes to the briefs for the following years.


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