|Editorial Final Piece|


For my final hand in I decided to take all of the tweaks from my entail feedback and recreate my final piece to the standard of the feedback. I found these tweaks particularly simple to do and made the end product quite a successful and interesting piece of work.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.21.19.png

The first amendment that I decided to do was change the grid set up on the indesign, I decided that 6 columns wasn’t adequate and that I needed more than that to be able to create interesting and unique designs. I decided to change my grid system to a 12 column grid. This has now allowed me to process and create new ideas and set ups whilst also having an adequate amount of white space in order to balance and set up my layouts professionally.

I then went on to remove some of the lines used throughout my article. Some were too large and others weren’t necessary to keep within the editorial project, this was quite a simple process and was completed within a short space of time.

I then went on to concentrate on the body text. Firstly I removed 500 words of the text so that the article still flowed and made sense when read, but also allowed for more space and to be read more easier and quicker. I then decided to cut down the amount of text to a page changing the column system to two columns for the text to run over instead of four. This allowed for more white space across the spreads and created a continuous theme and set up across the editorial piece itself. I then cut the text down further into digestible chunks of information so that it would keep the reader entertained and interested in the article itself. Cutting the information down allowed for the space needed to cancel out the information and made the spreads look clear and sophisticated.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.21.26

I then went on to edit my images and create them so that the background was a really dark black and create the effect that the ice is floating within the black background. However this task wasn’t as easy as I had originally thought and when it came to putting the images on the black background I wasn’t getting the correct colour black for the background of the images. I then took to photoshop to create a background the same size as a single page in order create the background for all of the single black pages so that they would all look the same and create the idea of the perfect set of spreads. I used the dropper tool to pick up the darkest part of the background of the images in order to create the black background. This worked really well and when put into indesign to create the final thing this was really effective and came across as quite a professional look.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.22.00

I then went through the text to create call outs. The call out I then put in the heavy italic setting on Avenir so that this would stand out next to the Avenir book text used throughout the article. I then went on to sort out the use of rag and orphans that occurred throughout my first editorial piece. When put together this looked really clear and easily read and made a huge difference to my spreads as a whole.

I then went on to move around the quotes i had put in to place. The first quote used on the second page I decided to remove as it didn’t fit well on the first page and wasn’t effective as a whole. I then moved my quote on my third page up slightly so that it broke up the large amount of white space at the top of the page and became quite effective throughout the piece. I also then moved my quotes on my firth and sixth page, I felt that moving the quote from the right to the left on my sixth page was more effective and added balance throughout that page. I then moved the quote on the fifth page slightly upwards to create a slightly oppositional effect to that page against the text to create a form of imagery and caused for the text to be more interesting throughout the page.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.21.33.png

A main aspect of the quotes that i decided to change was the typeface. I decided on only using two set typefaces throughout my editorial piece and began to use the Avenir heavy as the main typeface for the quotes as well. This gave them a more modern feel and worked better as a piece of work.

As I had already set up for adding them in, I decided to put in a small article heading and folio number on each white page. This left for a constant feel without being too repetitive using the same typefaces to create the added feel without making them too obvious.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 14.22.14

I then sent this work off as a package file, after going through each individual element and making sure every small part was attached and every typeface was compatible together to make sure that when it was sent to print that the image itself would work well and stand out compared to other work.


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