|Editorial Presentation and Feedback|


For the final piece i created a different look to the editorial piece that i had originally pictured. I found that when i put my imagery within the frame and set up that i had originally designed i found that this wasn’t as effective as i had originally hoped for when it was put on screen. The text was too heavy and i found myself cutting down the article in order for the imagery to look better and create more white text to the spreads so that the text was then easily legible.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.23.48

I then decided to add in more black simple lines at 2pt in order for them to stand out and create a level of importance for the text or the image within. I also did this within my title page, however using white instead of black in order for it to stand out within the black background. I felt that this worked well however i wasn’t sure whether the title page actually needed the white lines or whether the type worked well on its own without the added fuss.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.39.46

Using the black lines within the article worked really well creating a barrier from the body text showing a level of importance around the quotes allowed them to stand out without the typeface having to be too big and bold and creating a subtle yet effective look to the piece itself. This also broke up the page and parts of the white space so that certain pages didn’t look too empty without imagery and actually created the text into images for the pages itself. I personally felt that this worked really well especially on page three and broke up for the fact of the simple placement of text and the use of legible type.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.24.00.png

The black lines were used as a running theme throughout the piece and are also used across the top of the pages where normally the article heading and the folio is normally situated. However i decided against this before my first feedback session as i found that this wasn’t entirely necessary throughout the first piece.

When it came to positioning my body text i found that this was best placed within a large columns down the side of the page creating a steady block of text. However when presented i found that it did look too blocky and could do with a smaller column and possibly creating it over a small amount of columns within the spread.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 12.24.09.png


For my imagery timeline i decided to create this into one image. taking up one side of the page to create a interesting and effective image for the black background which it was then situated upon. I then decided to add a quote within the imagery as if it was floating on the white lines separating the images. I decided on climate change i felt that this worked well within the image and stood out against the black background using the white text in the typeface Bebas Neue. I felt that this worked ok, however i felt that it could have been stronger with the use of a different quote and stronger colour black within the background.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 13.42.11

1st Feedback Presentation:

Overall my work flowed well together and brought together the theme and the article together. However there were some small tweaks in which i had to encounter before i could print and hand in my final piece on the deadline.

Within my first double page spread the title page worked really well, however the use of the white lines were unnecessary and didn’t need to used to frame the text. the text itself works well on its own. The quote was also spaced too far within the paragraph and the leading could have been smaller in order for the text to be read easier. the use of the avenir heavy as the stand first worked really well and the use of the leading and the black lines framing also worked well. However the positioning of the stand first within the page itself wasn’t allowing for it to be the first thing read on the page and therefore was working as  a stand first properly. Also the Large column of text positioned on the right hand side was too heavy and wasn’t pleasing to the eye. There were also many occasions where orphans occurred throughout the text which made the block of text look odd and caused problems with the ragging throughout.

Also the imagery used within this page gave too much away as a starting point and my lecturer felt that the best way for me to present this image would be to only use the match stick. This way the image is drawing the reader in without giving too much away and also allowing for you to make your own assumptions on the text before reading it. The use of the black lines also worked well throughout the page however the lines were coming off to large and prominent throughout the spread when printed. This could then be changed by a lower point size and gained back the use of hierarchy without being too bold.

Within my second double page spread there were only small changes to make. changing the colour of the background on the fourth page and editing the images more to create the same full black background so that the separate images were not visible to see so it looked as if it was all blended together within the page itself. Also another change to make is moving the quotation from resting just above the two columns of text to slightly higher up, this draws the attention to the reader better than if it was positioned lower and also uses and create more positive white space throughout the spread itself. Also the small amounts of orphans on the page have to been changed and blended into the text so that they don’t stand out and have a negative effect of the article.

Within my third double page spread there were more changes needed the use of text was over powering and my lecturer has said to remove 500 words of the article for the text to fit better on all of the pages, allowing for more white space and the use of quotations as imagery. The text within this double page spread was too heavy and over powering and was difficult for the reader to read through properly. also the positioning for the quotations used was interesting and could use tweaking by possibly moving the quotations up and across the page to create more space. The size of the columns are overwhelming and were also asked to change. this is going to include a large grid system. Currently using a six column grid isn’t allowing for the correct amount of white space and enabling me to have broader range of layouts. However the 12 column grid i feel will work better within my article than any other as this will allow me to explore my full range of layouts.

Overall the entail feedback for my editorial piece wasn’t as bad as i thought it could be and all of the changes are done quite simply and can be easily improved ready for hand in date.


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