|Creating Editorial Imagery|


For my imagery i have decided to create the metaphorical globe using the match stick and the ice cube. I have decided to create a step by step of how i created the images by photographing every step i have made.

Firstly i went and bought an ice cube tray, white tack, and matches. the white tack allows for the match stick to stay standing whilst the ice is melting. This worked really well when it came to freezing the ice cube and the white tack was able to be removed without any issue of the ice cube breaking too.

I then set up my background creating two pieces of black card to create the dark background for my images, this worked really well when it came to my images on display. they created the exact professional effect that i was hopping for. I then set up the digital camera, creating a placement for the camera to be able to take set shots from the same angle for the deterioration of the ice cube melting.

I then placed the ice cube onto the board and set the lighting to natural so that the lighting would capture the ice melting and create natural shows and the reflection of the ice cube in the melted water. I set up the camera to capture scenery this gave the camera the best focus and most detail within the images itself.

I set myself a task to capture an image still every minute from the moment that the ice cube had been placed on the scene. This gave the full process of the ice cube itself and allowed for a full story board feel to what actually happened as the match was set on fire and the ice cube began to melt.

This took about an hour before i had a full set of images to be able to tell the full story of the ice cube melting. this process took me two attempts as the first time i took the images i decided to take them from different angles and began showing them in different lights. however when put together in a set i found that the story of the ice cube melting didn’t have the same effect. So i then decided to redo the entire photoshoot to create a better set of images that would flow better within my work.

images for blog 2

Images from the First Photoshoot

idea for blog 3

Images from the Second Photoshoot


I then imported my images into photoshop, i increased the brightness and lowered the contrast to create a pure black background and a clear image of the ice cube. i found that this worked with every image also increasing the hue and saturation on the flamed image as this increased the idea of heat radiating off the match stick itself. I felt that this image in particular was an emotive image and was effective when put into the set itself.


Before and after Editing the images

i feel that after the editing the images are ready to be moved into the spreads on indesign to create the overall effect. i am particularly happy with how the images turns out and found the process actually quite enjoyable once i caught the courage to action the photoshoot. the images are detailed and strong and the editing really does help the images stand out. the use of the black background within the images also gives off the effect of how serious and important the article is too.


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