|Editorial Tutorial|


During the tutorial today, we all discussed our work so far and how we feel we can improve from our thumbnails. I found that when it came to my thumbnails my work was too obvious and needed to become to more difficult and metaphorical. The simple use of colour however would work well and the harsh black and white seemed to feel good with everyone within the group who felt that the issue was important and needed to be handled within a serious way.

From this i decided to look into more metaphorical imagery instead of the obvious photography.  I feel that this is the best way to express my imagery in a non-obvious way, this will then stand out and become more interesting. However I’m unsure of how to handle this.

My first idea for my metaphorical imagery is to create typography using ice and capturing the ice melting. This is to show the world how we know it melting before our eyes without us realising. this could work one of two ways. Firstly using ice as letters and spelling out the words using ice cubes. The second option is creating typography and freezing them within ice cubes to see the words melt before us.


The second idea is to create a metaphorical globe using an ice cube and match. setting the match within the ice to then set fire to it creating a metaphorical globe and using this to show us setting fire to the planet and slowly watching i melt away until it is nothing.

I feel that this could work really well with the article and become quite strong imagery for the editorial piece itself. i feel that subtle use of colour with the flame could also be quite effective and stand out to create a dramatic and strong feel to the work itself.


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