Group Editorial Session


IMG_0862.jpgWithin this task we were allocated groups in order to present our work to our peers expressing our views on our chosen articles and how we have handled the project so far. I particularly found the presentation difficult as i felt that my group were all within the same stage of image development, having an idea but not having the actual thing to play around with and present fully to the group.

Although i found this a difficult task i found that speaking to my peers, has allowed me to generate new and brighter ideas for my editorial project as well as discuss how these can be used and completed. i found that this was also helpful for others and we began working together properly to see how these could work.

However when it came to working on my editorial project within the class i found this specifically quite difficult. i like to keep my work private and i find within the large open space I’m not comfortable enough to do my own work without feeling under pressure to please others. i feel that if we were allocated a space in order to do our own work where we could use the space to our liking then i would feel more at ease and comfortable to do my work. however because of this i prefer doing my work at home within an environment that i feel comfortable.




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