|Editorial Project: Ideas and Thumbnails|


For my chosen article i decided to use the climate change. I found that this would be a challenging and interesting topic which was broad and would allow me to take any different direction in which i felt best to direct my article and my imagery.

I firstly started off with a mind map to generate different ideas and other topics that linked to global warming. I found this to be quite challenging, the main outcomes and directions that occurred throughout was.. Pollution, Fossil Fuels, ice melting and the heating of the earth this allowed me then to gain ideas of for the imagery.

The imagery i had in mind was to take pictures of pollution and edit them into an abstract slightly unnoticeable way. To create a smog/smoke effect across the spreads. I also had the idea of bold and strike images of transport and building sites. However i found that these ideas were too simple and obvious to the article itself and i decided to focus mainly of the layouts of the page instead of the imagery. in order to create a base to my project itself.

Idea 1:

For my first idea i wanted to create a more simplistic idea for the spreads that mainly centred around black and white imagery with added colour of the green bubbles with captions explaining the imagery in further detail. I feel that this would work well as it is simple and doesn’t have too much going on creating enough white space to make the typography easily legible and to see the imagery clearly.

image 1.3

Idea 2:

For my second idea i wanted to create something that was a little bit more playful but keeping also to the simplistic idea. The simple blue parallelogram shape across the spreads would give space for imagery to fall within.  The idea to create large black and white imagery with a blue overlay in order to show that without changes to our actions the world will be beneath water. I like the subtle use of colour with the black and white as i feel it makes the spreads stand out and create interest to the viewer.  The simple layout of the text also allows for it to legible and positive white space.

idea 2

Idea 3:

For my third idea i wanted to create a spread that mainly centred around the imagery as the main focus. i wanted to create a use of positive white space and simple layouts for the text without it being too simple. I felt that sticking with black and white solely was the correct option for this layout as it shows how serious the article is and how much we need to change as human beings. I felt this gave off a serious effect with the use of the black lines which are used throughout important editorial pieces within Wired UK Magazine and ID Magazine. I also felt that using a quote as an image for one page on this particular design would be effective as the hierarchy and level of importance can be shown throughout the article.

idea 3

Idea 4: 

For my fourth idea i wanted to show something completely different and use other materials rather than just photography and photoshop. I like the idea of creating imagery with water colour paints and importing photography within them to show the planet melting away into the sea. i feel that this could be quite a different spread and interesting to the reader. however i find that creating space for the text with this imagery is pretty difficult. as the imagery needs to be large for the full effect to be given the text isn’t as legible and isn’t giving the article itself enough balance and white space.

idea 4

Idea 5: 

from idea 4 i took the idea of using watercolour to create my fifth idea, i wanted to create a pollution effect to the article by using just watercolour in different ways to create imagery itself without adding photography. this way the text would be easily legible and gain enough white space for the article to be balanced. i feel that this could be too abstract and not give off the full effect in which i desire from my piece.

idea 5.



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