|Editorial Placement|


As a small group again we were given the first page of the first chapter of great expectations. We were asked to put together an editorial piece using the elements given to us in order to create something that was more exciting and interesting than the standard layout represented within the book itself.

typography ws

We firstly drafted out a few ideas, trying out what the text looked like within 2 columns rather than the standard one for book text, this worked well and we decided to make both columns the same size to create balance and unity within the text.

we then decided to make the the title large and taking a different angle to the norm, we put the title vertical so that it went up the page creating a different effect sitting across two columns of our 6 column grid creating a different look and bringing in all of the elements to work as one.

then we took the subtext of the first paragraph and decided to make this a feature of the page, putting this across four columns and allowing it to sit across both the columns of text within the page also brought in hierarchy with the use of a third colour and italics.

I feel that this piece together worked well and became quite unified rather than random elements within a page, i feel that this creates a more modern and finished look overall.


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