Editorial Imagery


In small groups we were given the task to create imagery for an article provided for us, in order to sit along side the article and draw you in without actually giving away too much information.

The article in which we were given was about eco-friendly ways to remove body hair, within the article it explains that the best way in order to move body hair is waxing, as this uses up less waste product that any other method. We sat down and decided to brain storm the different ideas in which we felt could work best with this articles.

We firstly decided that this article would most likely be placed within a women health & beauty magazine/blog, and that the imagery used throughout would most likely contain a lot of feminine connotations as well as slight humour.

We thought about different ways in which we could use informal imagery without being too different and making the article seem un-important. We decided on created a pair of women legs that were un-groomed and using them to carve typography into as if the text had been waxed away from the leg hair.

However within the time space that we were given to create this imagery we didn’t have time to create the final outcome that we had all pictures however we were able to create a drawn mock up version to show how we would want it to look with the correct imagery and time to do so.



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