|Mini Editorial Project|



Within this task we were separated into groups of 4, to create a mini editorial spread of 4 double page spreads to show all of the different elements that we knew about editorial design before we had actually started the main project and were told more about it.

For our subject we were given the northern lights, our group decided to take a different spin off the idea of the editorial sides of things and decided to do an information zine of the northern lights and more about the science behind them.


We decided to start of setting out different tasks in order to create an interesting look. we firstly began with a full double page spread for the title of the article, making this the opening and trying to be discreet about what the article is about without giving too much away. We then decided that putting a filter on the images would create a different and unique feel to our images throughout creating the same dot work effect that we applied to the first of our images, we decided on using Avenir for our typeface and using different weights and point sizes throughout to show a clear level of hierarchy throughout the article. We sourced the information ourselves and went through many different images in order to create something different and inspiring.


We decided that when it came to titles that we would enclose them within a outlined box, this stood out clearly without having to bulk up on larger text and to balance out the use of white space. this worked well with our six column grid as this allowed us to play around with different layouts with imagery as well as text.


I particularly enjoyed working as part of a group and working in different circumstances in order to create new and modern results, i think this worked well within our group which allowed us to create a more interesting and flowing editorial piece.



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