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For the creative thinking mini task we were asked to create a small presentation about separate different learning techniques we can use when we are not feeling our most creative. I like this idea for a short task as i tend to have a creative block when I least need it. This way I will be able to process what I have to do and complete tasks to a high standard without feeling inadequate.

For our group learning technique we chose picture association. image association is where you can create a series of images that represent words in order to remember them and link them to other aspects of your list. They tend to be used within a mind map form taking a starting point and branching off but using words as well illustrating and placing images to represent different parts of the plan. This is mainly used for visual learners and it tends to be used in more memory based tasks in order to relight them without notes and take action upon these images.

image assoctaion

This is an example of a picture association diagram, they are used to link things together within categories. they tend to be brightly coloured and stand out so it is more visually appealing to the audience.

I feel these are mainly quite effective with children and throughout school work, I personally used to use this technique myself when it came to exams and revision. I found that the best way for me to work would be remembering images and what they represented rather than the words on the page. I found these more memorable and interesting and visually stimulating.

However this technique is mainly used throughout the younger years of school when you are first leaning words and and phrases and the best way to convey this is visually to a child as they have more of a substance behind them to see what that word actually means and how they can use it within or without a sentence.

Overall i feel that this learning technique is very effective throughout and can be used for all ages.





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