|Editorial Project- double page spread|


For this research activity I decided to go out and have a look at different resources that are around and available to look at. I looked online at some of the different magazine spreads available and found a lot of different layouts and different ways in which to display the information given. When it came to my analysis of the double page spreads I came to find that my favourites were in fact from a magazine in which I had purchased called ICON. I felt that this was a relevant magazine and had a lot to offer when I comes to design and layout.

First double page:


I particularly like this double page spread, I feel that the large image over both of the pages is rather effective and draws attention to the reader, it also allows an insight as o what the article is about before actually reading the article. I also believe that the small column of text describing the image is different, I like the use of the text box filled in to create a cut out of the image itself to make room for the text.I also enjoy the suitable use of colour within the body text for the subtext, this allows for the small passage to stand out an be noticed first to show what the article is about.

Second double page spread:


I feel that a six column structure can be really effective throughout editorial work. I feel that the use of images throughout this double page spread show and allow creativity throughout. Using two large images to cover half of each page, yet both altnate, allows for a fair amount of white space to be used. I particularly like the two columns of text underneath the first image as they are centred and look appropriate for the article itself. I also like the use of a smaller column used for the description of images used on the second page this allows for plenty of white space between the images which creates a different and clear view for the article itself.

Third double page spread:


The use of images and combination of a slight mosaic feel to the layout of these images particularly grasps the views attention throughout this double page spread. The use of the upper half of the page being used for images creates a divide from the visual photographic content to the factual body text below. Having one large slight over laying image across two pages and having four images in a cluster at the end of the large image shows a sense of unity and creates a montage of events. I feel that the set out of the text at the bottom of the page balances out across the double page spread, almost mirroring from either side the content used. However I’m not sure about having the image description between both main columns of bod text as i feel that it breaks up the fluidity of the article itself, even though it is visually interesting.


Fourth double page spread:


This double page spread actually includes another double page spread as a main title page and is used to show the main article within. This is also allowing an insight into what the whole article is about without giving too much away. one of the main aspects of this double page spread that I particularly like is the main quote or the beginning of the text itself is actually in bold text rises above the body text to create importance and to entice you into reading the rest of the article itself.  I also particularly like the montage of images using on the opposing page, having only images on one page draws attention and sparks interest with the reader, and the subtle links of colour used balance and outreach each other well.


Fifth double page spread:


I enjoy the use of correlating images used throughout this article. To create the same colour scheme and use of images adds a spike of interest with itself and the reader. I also like the large heading and subtext used onto of the large page image on the first page. This stands out and creates interest to the article before reading it. I also like the large columns used for the body text the two large columns show a more traditional approach to the double page spread itself and stands out as quite a bold and interesting statement throughout the magazine.


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