|Future Generation Poster|


for this project we had to create an a2 posters expressing how we feel that design will be taken within the future and how we think others will view design in the future. the a2 poster had to contain a quote that we felt stood out for ourselves to show how we feel and then a small body text confirming and explaining how we feel.

the quote that i decided to put forward and use within my work was ‘design is an expression of the purpose’ this stood out to me and i linked it back to the earlier combination in field. for our manifesto i said that design has a purpose and many people disagreed with me, i later explained that my reasoning behind it is that i believe that all design has a purpose and all art has a purpose, whether that be to create an emotion, to not create an emotion, to encourage you to buy or do something, to be used in every day life or just simply to be admired. everything has a purpose and i believe that in the future with will carry on and expand whether certain things aren’t even being used for their original purposes they are still being used as something. i believe that this is where the world is heading and that is why i believe that this works for myself.

firstly i started off creating thumbnails in order to see whether this quote could be effective in different ways. i firstly struggled with my positioning of the quote and where i felt that it suited best and creating imagery with the quote to create a more effective outcome and final piece. after speaking to a tutor i found that using a metaphorical image would be the best idea for my quote. to create something different and create a further deeper meaning behind my work itself. the imagery we looked at included a nail and a hammer and a dart board and dart. both of these using the metaphor straight to the point as the purpose.

after thumbnails i took a few designs to the computer to create visuals to see what colour schemes could work well and whether different typefaces could suit the outcome better than the ones i had originally thought. at first i decided to create a red duotone poster using the imagery of a hammer and nail but after looking at it for a while i grew to dislike it and found that it didn’t work as well as i had originally wanted. i then decided to create another using a dart board and the same colour scheme. i felt that this imagery worked better although i found it to be quite boring only having the red duotone and it didn’t stand out enough. i next decided to create another dart board design using a different image and different colour scheme however i didn’t feel that again this was effective and decided to ask a tutor for second opinion on how i could improve it and make it more visually appealing.


after gaining the feedback to add more colour  and to channel the middle dart board idea i decided to keep the missing letters in the quote so it is more easily legible. the design itself is easy to read however to someone whom is not that well educated within the arts may find this difficult to comprehend. i decided to move the quote to be more centred so that it was one of the main focus’ and was easily read at a different and more clearer size. i then created a difference within the text by creating the ‘is, an, of and the’ to an italic font to add a sense of fluidity to the next word in the quote, keeping the main words to a bold typeface to stand out and be noticed in more detail. i then decided to change the colour to a blue and purple, this colour scheme at first deemed quite effective and added a contrast to the power because of the white type however when shown to a tutor the italic typeface wasn’t really working and became quite boring and dull.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 12.58.50


after gaining feedback within a presentation session before hand in i also realised that the imagery used was intact quite unsuccessful and was slightly pixelated when printed. the colour scheme when printed was also quite dark and didn’t print very well which gave it a more unfinished look. the body text with the corner was also too small. i decided to go back and change the before final hand in. i decided to create another image of a dart board and brighten up the colours more of the image. i then used a different typeface to replace the italics, i decided to use a thin regular typeface in order to counteract the larger typeface itself. i then made the body text larger so it was easily legible and created a smaller column in order for it to fit better together within the a2 poster itself.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 13.08.10








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