|Expressive Typography Workshop|


For our expressive typography workshop we had to use different paint brushes and ink to create a typographic image or set out by listening to the words or quote given to us. We had to interpret the words to how we feel fits and illustrates the words into a visual form.

I found this difficult at first as I don’t like to rush with ink or paint as I like to have a more clean and close to perfect feel to my typographic work. However as we spent more time creating the expressive typography I found it easier to go through the process quicker and to create different out comes with different brush types and textures.

The quote that i decided to use for the second task was ‘design is an expression of the purpose’. I wanted to create something bold and unique without being tacky and cliche. I decided to use two different textured and sized brushes in order to have the main elements to the quote (design, expression and purpose) in bold thick textured lettering and the others in small and thin lettering to create a hierarchy and sense of importance throughout the visual representation itself.

Overall I particularly enjoyed this task, I feel that if we were able to have longer doing this that I could have started to develop my skills further in order to create more professional looking work within a short space of time. I feel that a lot of the time spent is on the computer within the course and I particularly enjoy using paint and ink as i find it quite relaxing. Using the more traditional techniques that we don’t see too much of today I feel is quite a valuable asset to have in the world of design to show how varied and versatile you are as an artist and designer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 16.24.46.png




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