Overall view London



I feel that overall the trip to London has restored my drive and passion for graphic design, before coming here I found myself in a rut and not really  sure what was the right thing for myself not only as a designer but as a person.

Travelling to and around London has allowed my to regain my confidence and independence that I came to university with. it has allowed me to become inspired not only by the art and deign that the capital has to offer but by the people, there walk of lives, down to the simplicity of the buildings and the attire of the locals.

I think the main thing I’ve taken from this weekend was the quote from Carol Whitworth, ‘within design women have to be just as good maybe even better than the average male. you have to be bold and not be afraid to be a little out there’. This has really made me reevaluate myself as a designer and I need to stop playing it safe in order to create a name for myself in the future.

I also feel that this allowed me to become more confident around my class mates, before I was a little quiet and didn’t overly go and interact with my class mates outside of the studio, however I found myself not only talking with them about work but also socialising with them as well.





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