London 4 Designers Conference


designers 2


This was my fourth time visiting London, however i had never felt as comfortable till this time around. I normally suffer with quite bad anxiety but the area and the hostel that we stayed in was particularly friendly and i enjoyed my stay.

The 4 designers conference this year was incredibly inspiring and before coming to London i was wondering whether the course was actually for me and whether i might have been studying the wrong subject. However i felt totally inspired and enjoyed the presentations given within this years visit.

The two designers that i particularly enjoyed their presentations was Carol Whitworth, and Jonathan Sands. I found carols presentation very interesting, being a woman myself in the design field thats mainly run by men, i feel that i now have to up my gain and be bold. Being a woman in design you have to stand out and in some cases be as good or practically twice as good as the average male designer in order to get a career in the design industry.

designers 1

Jonathan Sands on the other hand inspired me in a different way, he explained that even though you can be qualified you can account for anything with hard work and determination. I found that the outline of all of the presentations that day was: no matter what background, who you are, what gender you are, how many qualifications you may have. you can amount to anything that you want as long as you work for it.

I think this was a big turning point for me as i feel like i had lost a bit of motivation the last few weeks and 4 designers really did help me re-evaluate everything and re-gain inspiration and motivation.

designers 3



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