Field (outside graphics)


2014getnakedmusicvideosfor a slightly longer task we were asked to further our manifestos within  our groups and to create a presentation for a proposal of our manifesto within the art school.

we decided to go for the gorilla girls reaction towards our proposal. we came up with the idea to create and mass produce leaflets, stickers, keepsake note cards and fully size placard for our manifesto in order to raise awareness about our manifesto. we wanted to create the idea of plastering our manifesto everywhere around the art school in order to provoke a response through the school itself.10654011_10208168675482201_784657462_n

our main aim with the manifesto was to get the whole art school talking and provoke a response whether it be good or bad arguing for or against our manifesto. we came up with a  hashtag (#nofaffen) where people could post on social media how they felt about the manifesto and what they would add or take away from it.

we decided through choice of advertisement to create small ways to gain a reaction like the bottom of coffee cups when people are drinking and on lockers, in lifts and upon tables. coffee cup idea

our group all had the same ideas of how we wanted to present the information and the reaction that we wished from the public itself. we found that it worked well when we created a test piece and put it in the lift of the canteen to see if people would take notice of this. after a few days we returned and the public had reacted and written upon the work itself in order to give there response. we felt that this test piece worked particularly well and on a larger scale would have a lot of other talking about it.

testpice1.Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 17.54.10






i really enjoyed working outside the graphic design classroom, it was difficult and at first i struggled to see the connection with this project and the work before. however i have defiantly gained new techniques, a different way of thinking and possibly new contacts to collaborate with in the future.


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