Field (outside graphics)


311288_N48_webviewFor our first small task of the day we were split into different groups, making sure there was a different person from each course within a group. In my group there was one fine artist, one product designer, one designer maker and one graphic designer. As a group i think we all felt comfortable and gelled really well together.

We were asked to choose a postcard from a pack of ten that we felt most related to us as a designer in our specific field and then to further choose one design that represented all of us as designers. The card that i chose was the story of flight. I found that this specifically related to graphic design, i felt that graphic designers always have a set destination, however there may be delays and slight detours that have to be made in order to arrive and that final point. Just like a graphic designer.


I felt in particular this is when i started to look at graphic design slightly differently and started to question the hidden depth behind my chosen subject area.

We then decided o the card that we felt represented us all as designers, the card that we collectively decided on was the butterflies, moths and other insects. We felt that all designers start of in cocoons and slowly grow and become more established and more technically able in order to flourish and become designers.

This then helped us with our next task set, we had to create a 5 point manifesto for us as designers within an art school and everyday life. we all sat down and discussed what was important to us as designers and what we felt was vital within our practices and see if they over crossed over.

our 5 manifesto was: 

  • Equality amongst the arts: we all all on different courses in my group yet to each other we are told that some courses are more valuable or more important than the other, we would like to show that all artists are equal o matter what and that we all hep each other and learn from one another.
  • Function is important: everything we do as designer has a function whether it is to advertise, to be in use as an object, as a painting in order to provoke an emotion, or a conversation or whether its there to not provoke anything at all, it still has function.
  • Randomness should be celebrated: as designers we are always told to go out of our comfort zone whether that is to use more colour within our work or to create something in a different material to the normal.
  • Limits do not exist: we are always told that there are somethings within i design that we cannot create, whether thats because the project is too large, or the material needed isn’t easily accessible. however we should still express and be go out of the box with some designs, for example: just because you cannot create a rocket ship because you don’t have the materials does not mean that you cannot design one and think about how it could be possible in the future.
  • Clear starting point with a vision of destination: with everything that we do within life and within art and design we all have a starting point to an exercise or a task that we would like to complete to get to a certain destination. we wanted to make it clear that its important not only the final piece but the process as well.


We were then asked to create our manifesto within a visual manner. We wee asked to create a cake manifesto to show the different steps within our manifesto itself. We decided to create a breakfast platter of cake, creating an egg cup cake, a bowl cake, a mug cake, and a plate cake. we decided that this portrayed our starting point of our manifesto. Breakfast is the starting point of the day with a clear destination of finishing and getting on with your day. We wanted to show the randomness through the breakfast platter, not having your cake in perhaps a more conventional way like normal. We also felt that this portrayed that the limits do not exist, you can create cake in any way. We wanted to show that even though the cake was different sizes we liked the idea that all of the cakes were made from the same mixture a d and the it was equal throughout the design.




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