My Personal Manifesto


During the group field projects we had to make a personal manifesto, this could be for anything whether it was a personal manifesto for life general or a personal manifesto within the art school. I chose to create a manifesto for life in general, to combine both my personal life and my life within the art school.

The manifesto had to be 5 points long, and had to reflect us as what we believe in. my five point manifesto is:

  1. Stop worrying
  2. Always do the best you can
  3. Find the meaning in small things
  4. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  5. Take every negative as a positive


I chose “stop worrying” because I tend to worry about everything, whether its already happened, happening now, about to happen. I’m constantly worrying because I strive for perfection and like to plan. Although at times these are good qualities to have I feel that I should be more relaxed and laid back about some things and slow them to take their own course without worrying what may come of it to some extent.

I then decided on “always do the best you can”. As much as I strive for perfection I do understand that there are tasks in life I won’t always be good at, but as long as I have done these tasks to the best of my ability I know that there is nothing else I can do.

Thirdly I decided on “find the meaning in small things” sometimes we hold to high expectations and expect too much of others and from ourselves. I feel that the best way to over come this is to admire the small things in life, like the cup of coffee in the morning or the weather, or if someone holds the door open for you as you walk in. Just admiring the small but wonderful things in life that we take advantage of rather then thinking negatively.

“Don’t take yourself too seriously” is one that i stand by a lot. I feel that it is good to hold a professional head and if you can do that its a good skill to have but taking yourself too seriously can cause too high expectations and I feel can cause me to feel quite negatively. I think in life you need to be able to have the balance between business and pleasure to rely enjoy life and thats why I chose this point.

lastly I decided on “take every native as a positive”. Every negative gives you a chance in life to improve them into positives. If you are unhappy with yourself you can change it, if you don’t like a piece of work you have done you can get feedback in order to improve it. I believe that this will help become a more positive person as well as a designer. In the design world you are given a lot of criticism about your work and how it should look or could look instead of what it is, instead of taking this as an insult I like to take it as a positive and a learning curb so I can make adjustments to how it can improve in the future and improve myself as a designer.

I feel that following this points can improve my outlook not only as a designer but a person as well. these can help me adjust to make my work better and clearer and my mind clearer too.




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