Goth Subcultures


The goth subculture is a contemporary subculture found in many different countries, it began in the England in the 1980s during the gothic rock scene. These is a slight desire to create historical accuracy within the gothic stye. They tend to incorporate different elements from history into the modern look to create an all new style called Victorianna.

Victorianna is a style adopted by the gothic culture which consists of the long dresses down to the ankle, corsets and added elements of ribbons and lace. However the gothic style tend to take a different approach of the style by choosing to have these garments made or bought in dark colours like red, black, and purple. They tend to also take objects from the victorian period too such as hats, lace gloves and sun umbrellas.

The attire isn’t the only element in which you can distinguish a goth, the makeup that both the men and women wear is very specific. The makeup isn’t from the traditional victorian era but to create a look of decay and death, to create a death look they have white face makeup with dark circles/ makeup around the eyes and the lips. Also the average goth would typically has dyed black hair or an out loutishly bright hair.

The accessories used within subculture consist of abnormal looking elements such as the Victorian broach, the religious cross and the umbrella used from hot days within the era. However the gothic subculture are taking these elements and adding a sense of decay and death to show their own emotions and interpretations of the style in order to fit into the subculture itself.

I found this lesson particularly interesting as it gave me a deeper insight to what a goth is and even now walking around in town I am starting to pick up the different elements to this particular style incorporated into others.


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