|Field Group Project (in Graphics) Final Piece|


At the beginning of the week we decided to present our ideas to the class within a presentation format to show how we had created our campaign and how we had advertised it.

The feedback that we got from both tutors and the class was that some of the work didn’t match up correctly. Even though the use of colour, typeface and layout was similar the use of imagery throughout the campaign didn’t match and was standing out because of it.

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The use of the block detail within the website also looked too blocked and too old fashioned and we set out to change these before the deadline. As a group we sat down and worked together through the campaign to then make sure that the final pieces that we handed in on the deadline were all of similar standard and hows the same type of feel to the design as a whole.

In order to get everything up to scratch we decided to get everything together with all of our opinions and the full descriptions of each of the elements in order for deadline day, all of the amendments were then added together to create the full project.

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Here are our final advertisements for our campaign. i feel that all together they work well to show the true potential of the project itself and the way in which the campaign could work with more added time. I enjoyed this project and would like to work in another group.

As a group we worked well together, we listened and discussed each others opinions in order for everyones ideas to be combined so that everyones work worked together, however by doing this it didn’t add as strong of a punch to the campaign itself. If i could do this project again i would like to take a more stronger guerrilla angle on the project, the idea of it plainly was there but this wasn’t followed through enough and i feel if this had been executed stronger within the designs the project would have been a lot stronger in total.




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