|Field Group Project (In Graphics) My Contribution|


Within this group project i have been working on the social media sites and the t-shirt designs. I feel that doing these different advertisements is a big deal as these are the advertisements that people will see daily and be able to do research upon and follow up on for more information.

Facebook Page:

I have decided to make a simple Facebook page displaying different facts about the campaign itself and what human fox alliance  is really all about. Using the log i have advertised this as the main image showing and standing out the company name and giving an incline into the campaign. I decided to keep the colour theme throughout the page to also add depth within the campaign. This is the Facebook page i designed on Facebook itself in order to gain public reaction and get views upon the serious problem that is the hunting ban within the uk.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 14.01.58

Twitter Page:

For my twitter page i decided to do something similar in order to keep the theme throughout. By using similar imagery and keeping to the same sort of vibe with the information it allows to inform the reader and allow for them also to share and express their own views to the world using a similar site. However when on twitter the use of the hostage can send information viral and so by has tagging #stopthehunt this is getting our hashtag around world wide and getting a large amount of public attention and spreading the unknown information about the hunts. This is the twitter page that i have created.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 10.47.21

The T-shirt Design:

For the t-shirt design i have created three separate designs in order to create a serious campaigner in the red, and for the other two colours as multi sex t-shirts. Keeping with the geometric logo and the use of the text on the back of the t-shirt draws attention and creates question between the public. These t-shirts can also be worn as a serious campaign advertisement and are shown to be wearable as well as mainly for the campaign. We wanted the design to be wearable and not give too much information away so that the viewers of the public will then want to research further into the t-shirt and come across our website, Facebook and twitter pages in order to gain the information needed. as a group we feel that these work really well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 14.02.47

If we were given more time on this project we would have liked to create the t-shirts ourselves and worn them within the presentation however due to the time limit the main focus is getting everything ready and together for the presentation itself.


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