Smells Like Teen Spirt (cats columns)


I particularly struggle when it comes to essays. Verbally I am able to argue my point and explain in detail by then backing up with factual references. However when it comes to writing it down I find the process quite difficult and I don’t know how to process this on to paper.

During my first constellation lesson Cath explained to us about her column structure in order to help analyse images and advertisements in more detail. Within the first column Cath explains that you have to describe everything within the image and write down the different elements within. In the second column you then dive in to further detail explaining each aspect in more detail including a more cultural meaning associating with the element itself. In the third column you then back up your statement with factual response and findings from textbooks, journals, websites and other sources.

I enjoyed putting this method to the test during the lesson today as I feel that this allowed myself to apply the method and create better analysis and description of images, this made myself think in more detail and understand the different elements within subcultures and pop cultures.


An example of Cath’s columns would be this:

  • trouser suit
  • pinstripe navy
  • conical bra corset (visible through tares in suit)
  • pink satin (juxtaposition and contrast)


  • business suit/ masculine/strong exterior
  • women are just as powerful as men
  • corset= sexual, desirable, pleasure
  • feminine and soft
  • power suit= authority/ formal wear
  • breaking through stereotypes


  • corsetry = victorian wear/ function and style
  • Gaultier designs feminine textiles and reworking historical associations
  • the client = madonna and femininity
  • gender theory: feminist / post feminine


I found this particularly helpful and this has currently helped me other pieces of work as well as my cv and work placement emails.



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