|Field Group Project(in graphics) Tutorial & Process|


Within our second week into our project we had a group tutorial with our tutorial. He looked upon our work that we have completed so far and gave us feedback with what we can do to improve the work so far.

So far we have all done thumbnails of our chosen work, i have decided to take upon the task of designing the t-shirt to go along with the thumbnails of the logo shown within the first blog post.  Also the others in my group have come up with some other design for the different advertisements we have in order to show our tutor. Here is the work that we decided to present on the day:

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We decided to show him the logos that we had designed and what our campaign was going to be about and the approach that we decided on to take throughout the campaign. When it comes to the campaign we have decided on the gorilla advertising approach using scare tactics and different uses of imagery to cause emotion and a reaction from the general public. There are many ways in which we are going to do this by using certain writing language and imagery to show this.

The other work we decided to show within the tutorial was the billboard/ad shell and placard design. Our tutor said he preferred the use of the gorilla technique used throughout the billboard and ad shell designs the most as they added a spark to the campaign and isn’t the normal approach that you see within these types of campaigns. The white choice of words and the compelling emotional imagery is the way in which we need to go in order to present these designs further within the week.

Our Logo:

After the tutorial we decided to sit down and redo the logo, after speaking with our tutor he said that the imagery used within the logo so far is too old fashioned and isn’t giving away much about the campaign itself. Here i had an idea to recreate the logo using geometric shapes. Keeping with a more modern theme this will allow me to show new techniques ad create a more modern and obvious campaign logo.


I started off by sketching this as a thumbnail first whilst looking the the basic outline of a fox making sure to create the more prominent features of the face and make the head to look exactly like a foxes. Then i decided to take this to a computer. using the line tool and accurately measuring the lines i order to create the perfect geometric shape. I then took a photographic image of a fox head and imported it into photoshop. This then allowed me to take swatches of the different colours throughout the foxes face to use within the geometric shapes used to create the fox logo. This worked really well and allowed for a clear and fresher look to the logo.

We then decided to change the colour scheme of the campaign due to the logo change and the colours used within the logo we decided to take three of the different colours within the logo to show a recurring theme throughout the design itself and also sticking to one particular font in order for everything to feel like a united pack.

This allowed us to then carry on with more work in order to improve for the week after. my aim is now to get the new logo on all of the different pieces of work and start to begin with the social media websites so that the campaign is actually out there.



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