|Field Group Project (within graphics)|



for this project we have been put into groups within our course to advertise for a campaign that we have chosen ourselves. as a group we sat down to discuss the different campaign issues that we could research in order to do our full project about. as a group we decided to look into the most famous campaign issues around the world, here are some of the most popular issues we came across:

  • social media
  • body image and body confidence
  • war
  • animal rights
  • politics
  • equality
  • terrorism
  • migration/immigration
  • refugees

these were just some of the topics that we looked into to find more information in depth. we found that some of these issues were to controversial to campaign about and decided to go with a topic that we all agreed was important to voice. Animal Rights.

as a group we decided to look into animal rights, as the topic is so broad we didn’t really know where to start and began looking into different websites such a PETA. however as the subject was so broad we could have taken any approach to the campaign. after speaking to other groups within our course we realised that animal rights was a strong contender within the campaign runnings, this encouraged us to look into specific routes within animal rights that we could channel that were maybe not as obvious as other groups topics.

after much deliberation we decided on the hunting ban. after talking as a group and researching the cause together we found that hunting is still occurring within the uk after being banned back in 2004. however small hunting groups are still meeting and hunting and this is now deemed as illegal. we decided to take this topic and try to aim our campaign at helping to enforce the hunting ban.

we sat down and decided to come up with a name for our campaign and what theme we were planning on taking to our campaign. after discussing for a while we came up with the idea of keeping the colour theme quite neutral and kept with nature inspired colours such as green and black and white. we felt that together this would work really well and could come up with some different ideas.

we looked into different types of hunting and decided to focus the most on the fox hunting ban, whilst talking about our topic we realised that around where each of us are originally from hunting foxes still occurs during the traditional hunting season even despite the ban. from this we decided on incorporating a fox head into our thumbnails and ideas for the logo. creating this could add a sense of direction and people will automatically know about our campaign.

we started off by deciding what different advertising elements we could do in order to put our campaign out there and get through to people of the public. we started off looking at the different elements in which other campaigns had originally used and they had mainly used a placard. however we decided to put our sleeves out there to create a full package for our campaign and design the following:

  • placard
  • website
  • social media pages
  • billboards
  • ad shells
  • leaflets
  • t-shirts.

we thought that these were the main ways of getting noticed now in 2016. the use of t-shirts is a clever way to gain attention for a campaign so i decided to take the opportunity to design the t-shirt. i also decided to take on the social media pages.

liam decided to take on the website to try and get this to the best of his ability with layouts and website planning. billy decided to take on the use of the billboards and the ad shells, and jess decided on creating the leaflets. together we decided to focus on the placard to show the full extend of the campaign by designing together the main use of advertisement.

we started off by creating thumbnails as a group for the placards, these were simple drawings in order to represent the different ideas that we had thought about throughput the briefing and feel could look effective throughout.

we also decided on getting the logo ideas together after mocking a quick sketch up upon paper we set off to get an idea together ready for a tutorial.


we decided to make different variations of the logo in order to show our tutor during our editorial. they worked well however i feel that the black and white image of the fox actually looks more like a racoon than a fox and could initially give off the wrong idea of our campaign itself.


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