Present your Placards…



For a small day project we were asked to create a double sided placard to advertise a problem or headline within society at this time and how we can raise awareness of the problem itself.

For this exercise we were put into small groups in order to work as a team and create a bond which would then carry on to the next project brief. After consideration of different ideas and mind mapping different possibilities that we had, we decided to go with the uk government bombing Syria in retaliation to the paris attacks.


We set out on our own creating different mock up sketches to our own personal tastes and preferences, playing around with different typography, imagery and wording of the phrases used. We then decided to get back together to share ideas and combine different aspects of each to create the right design for our placards.

We decided to go for two opposing designs that both are for and against the argument that we decided on. We then created stencils and started mapping out the design on large pieces of card board to create the handmade placard effect and using paint, allowed the designs to stand out and create the reaction sparked from the placard.

Our final design stood out amongst the others as being one of the most controversial and consisted of themes imagery, this was really effective when presenting and then protesting outside for the public to see.


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