|Animation: Final Piece|


I particularly enjoyed this project, at first i found the brief slightly worrying and i was unsure of how to feel about stepping outside of my comfort zone ignorer to tell a story through moving images. As this was my first time creating animation i am proud of the outcome in which i have created.

I have found the animation to be different at times and that the piece is slightly jumpy between images although i feel that i may have sorted this problem out. I feel that the music and sound effects that i have chosen within the animation has proved to work well together within the final piece and helps to add tension and fear to the viewer.

Even though the images are simple line drawing i feel that the animation itself was quite effective and the illustrations didn’t need to be as detailed as they could’ve been in order to tell the story in such a short space of time. I feel that if we were given the chance to do animation again i would like to have longer than 2 weeks in order to comply a fully flowing moving image that tells the story perfectly without any slip ups and simple transitions.

However within the time frame i was given i felt that my final outcome was quite a success and the feedback given from the tutor deemed to be positive with only slight tweaks to the final piece.

Heres is my complete animation, i completed this animation using iMovie, creating my own images and set to the final piece.



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