|Animation : The Making|


After i had all of my separate images together of the different movements within the animation i then had to put them together to turn it into a working animation. The software that i decided to use was iMovie. I simply placed all of my screenshots of my images into the document after i created a file called the witch.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 21.04.17.png

I then had to place all of my images into a timeline to create the order of which the movements and the story is told. This was quite simple to do as this consisted of a timeline process. as you place an images into the timeline it gives you a certain amount of time that the image will be viewed this can be changed and i decided that the shorter the images were on screen the more flowing that my animation will appear. I decided to create them at 0.1 seconds as this allows for the images to view quickly and more accurately. however certain points throughout the animation the images are set at 0.3/0.4 of a second this allows for a more dramatic pause and creates a build up of tension. I decided that this worked well alone however i found that adding sound to the animation would help build tension and create a sense of fear and danger throughout the animation which was my original plan.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 21.03.22

I felt that the animation needed some background music, something subtle that slowly increases to add tension to the feeling of the animation. I found a piece of music under dark tension music that fitted my animation perfectly and imported it into the file and stretched the file out so that it lasted the entire way through my animation itself. I then felt that as the animation is set within a dark woods that woodland noises such as crickets and rustling/wind would also fit into the animation and i added this into the timeline too. this also stretched the entire way through the animation however was more noticeable and prominent within certain parts of the animation itself. Another sound effect that i decided to use was the footsteps on the leaves. I felt that this helped portray that Dorothy was in fact walking through the woods and so was the witch. I felt that this helped to gain a more authentic feel to the animation and helped to create a more realistic feel to it also.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 21.03.12

The way in which some of the images are presented within the animation changes due to a certain effect on iMovie. Within the crop options of the image it gives you three specific options, fit, crop to fill, and ken burns. the ken burns effect is allowing you to create a starting point and an end point using two separate boxes to create different pans and show different camera angles within the work itself. This helped me to gain tension and create an atmosphere in a few places within my animation. It allowed me to pan into the witches face and pan back out to another image to show where the witch was looking. This helps show that something isn’t right between the two characters and gain anticipation of the fact that the characters may or may not get along and this could lead to something bad happening.

I have also used transitions between images within my animation. this has allows me to show the next step to the story by blending the images and taking you to a different time within the animation. This also along with the music adds tension as after a blur within the images you are unsure of what to expect when the image becomes more visible when the transition has finished.

I feel that this added to the music and the quick transitions from image to image works really well together and is as effective as i had originally hoped for.


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