|Animation: Illustrations|


I have decided to illustrate the images for my animation and import then onto photoshop to further them in more detail. I feel that this was the best way for me to create the moving images in the short amount of time we were given.

I have hand drawn the images to create a more authentic and cartoonistic approach to the animation. I want to be able to show the full range of my skills my illustrating and using photoshop. I have decided on simple line drawing as these are mostly loved by children and are easy to focus on.

I created these images on pen and paper to show the full range of movement and show the anticipation of the movements about to occur. I feel that this worked really well by hand and then proceeded to scan these images into the computer.

I then decided to edit them using photoshop, i firstly started off by enhancing the brightness and contrast to allow for more positive black and white space. This allowed for the lines of the drawing to be more prominent and allow for the paper to become a translucent layer. I then decided to cut out of the white space so i was then left with the image before hand to then create PNG files of the images i had originally drawn. This made the images easier to layer and be able to fill in the different components with different colour to create a more realistic representation of the characters and the setting. I decided to create the characters using dark colours and keeping the only thing that needed colour to be bright (the shoes) i felt that this drew attention to the shoes and made the deem importance as well and keeping the mood of the dark tension to show through within the animation itself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 20.10.08


I then put the images into one photoshop document allowing me to put view on certain layers and move others. I felt that the best way for me to be able to create the motion of the images moving was to create the character to move by pressing the arrow key on the keyboard and then taking a screenshot of the document itself. This allowed for broad range of the images and for the capture of the movement to be quick and carry on to the next. I repeated this every two movements to show the character moving if the images were then put into a flip book format.

This allowed for the animation to flow accurately. I felt that this was a really good method to use and helped me create the full effect that i had originally hoped for. As i was given the project i felt that the best way for me to create the animation was to find my own way to develop the final piece. I feel that by doing it this way it has helped me to create quite an interesting way of working which i will definitely use within the future.




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