|Animation: Starting point|


For this project we have been asked to create a 30-60 second animation telling a short story or expressing a form of emotion using the story we have originally chosen for our children story book.

this is a two week task and having a short period of time i have aimed to set myself a task to create this animation from scratch. The best way for me to create the animation in my eyes is to illustrate each frame within the story that i am going to portray and create an iMovie animation to produce the final outcome.

The story that i have chosen to portray is the Wizard of Oz, the emotion that i have chosen to convey is fear. I feel that within certain parts of the film there is built up tension and my aim for my animation is to create the same kind of tension using sound and camera panning angles to create the same effect. I have decided to recreate a short story of the wizard of oz to show the original concept within a short space of time. Only including the two characters Dorothy and the witch to show the tension and fear from Dorothy’s point of view.

The small story is going to show Dorothy walking through the woods with her dog, the witch is around and can see them both and decides to try and catch her as she wants her magic shoes. The witch then chases after her and the tension heightens as the witch catches Dorothy. Dorothy then drops the dog and he reminds her about the magic shoes. she then clicks her heels together three times and disappears leaving the witch angry.

I feel that the best way to show this much detail is to create simple illustrations to show the content. The way in which i am going to do this is by illustrating the images by hand and scanning the images in to colour and work with on photoshop. I am then going to use photoshop and the different layers to help me create stills for my moving animation.

I intend on creating a background display separating into two separate piece so i can move characters between layers and create the idea of running through the woods in between the trees.

I am then also going to draw up the characters in the different positions in which they will be presented swapping the feet forward to be able to show the character running, walking and the clicking of the heels together. I feel that this is the best way to show the small details that the character will be doing.



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