|Animation: Mini Task|


For a mini task we were asked to create a small story using a circle. I decided to turn my circle into a ball. wW were then asked to create an emotion by mapping out a story line for this object. I decided to show the story of happiness using the small circle.

The story i decided to go with is the the ball is in the distance shifting around the back of a white space on its own. Its sad and lonely and all it wants is love and attention. In the same a hand comes into the picture and beckons the ball to come closer to the screen. The ball starts to bounce with joy and is really excited. The ball then bounces up to the screen. the hand then plays with the ball, tickling it and making it happy. The hand then leaves the frame and the ball is left alone again. The ball is sad to be left alone and starts to shift to the back of the screen again going side to side rolling away sadly. Then out of nowhere the hand comes back and scoops up the ball. The ball is all excited again and begins to bounce within the hand again, then another hand appears but the hand is clenched, this makes the ball uneasy and doesn’t know how to react. Until the hand unclasps and reveals another ball. The balls begin to bounce in unison and bounce off to the back of the screen where the ball is never lonely again.

I felt that this was a short story and portrays lots of different emotions throughout, yet gripping at the same time in order to keep the viewer engaged. I feel that this works really well and as an idea could work well as an animation.


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