|Legends of the Screen: Full Process|


For this project we were asked to create a 12 page booklet of legends of the screen, this is a new film festival hosted by by film with all of the different dates, times and a short passage of information about the different people appearing within the festival itself. we were asked to take the information and photographs given to us to create our own booklet and show hierarchy within the typography and within the layouts themselves to show level of importance and to look the most effective.


I’ve took into consideration the amount of text and size of the images given for each person within the festival and I’ve looked at the different parts within the text that should stand out compared to the body text. I feel that these images allow for a good use of hierarchy, layout and clear white space to allow for balance. I feel that these designs work really well  and will look effective once put into the booklet format.


After a small feedback session i was given the go ahead to create the final piece using these designs. Using indesign to create the booklet has allowed me to use another software and create new and innovative designs.

The Making:

Using indesign i started by making a document that included 12 pages, or 6 double page spreads. This allowed me to create the booklets how i had envisioned them within my sketches. I started off putting the text within the columns to show the stand out text and the bold influences used to create hierarchy within my work itself.

I then decided to start placing images, this allowed me to show my full potential when it comes to create layouts and showing the new techniques in which i have learnt. I found when it came to the booklet that there was a lot of white space and i felt that this was the best way to show my work without over crowding the pages and not allowing for enough breathing space for the images and text itself.

I tried to create a clear hierarchy throughout each page, using different weights for the more important text such as the headings and changing the typeface for the name the artists as well, this contributed to the clean and professional look that i had originally gone for and i feel that together this works really well in showing the difference within the work itself.

I decided to use a different colour type to using black on white and instead used a charcoal grey, i feel that this worked better throughout my book and was nicer and less harsh to read on the white paper.

When i felt that the designs were ready to print, i then exported the indesign file as a pdf print, and selected the pages rather than spreads. This is so when it came to printing and binding the book itself our tutor had a certain way of printing the file and wanted us to adopt these settings in order to get the perfect final result.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 21.45.57


My feedback for this project was actually pretty good, the changes that i need to do in order to improve this project are pretty simple and can be done quite easily. The use of black and white with the indents of red throughout are deemed quite nice however the idea of using more colour to add in a sense of importance and help with hierarchy could be quite interesting as well as adding in more bold choices of text throughout.

Also there are some small floating headings between text that should be sorted out and simple lining up of headings with images could be easily changed. However the positive use of white space is very interesting and works throughout this project really well.


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