|Type Specimen: New Improved|


I decided after my feedback to make the changes to my work in order to get it at the best standard. after my last attempt i felt that the work i had decided to do was too busy and didn’t allow for balance and positive blank space in order to give it a more professional feel to the work.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.10.42.png

although i didn’t have overly bad feedback i feel that my work could do with some improvement and show a more clearer and simpler version of my work. i decided to change the background colour of my work to a black and keep it as simple and inverted as i could. making the file black allowed for it to gain interest and show something different within my work itself.

i set off to start making my new background for my letterforms on photoshop this allowed me to get the text to the right size and show the different ways in which the letter forms could be presented. i started off having three of the same letterform ‘g’ slightly over lapping within the upper centre of the page. i felt that this looked simple and clear however was deemed to static by other sources.


i then decided to change it again by changing the opacity to show different ranges within the typestyle itself, until i was asked to try three of the different variations that the typestyle can be presented in. this worked better showing the a variety of different variations of the typestyle portrayed a different atmosphere to the letterforms and gained an imagery feel to the letterforms themselves.

even though this worked well i still felt that the letterforms still looked static even with different opacity and typestyles, i then went on to create doubles of each of the letterforms allowing again for a shadow/3d effect. This worked well given the appearance of coming off the paper and into the real world the letter forms performed as imagery, which led to me importing the file as a jpeg and moving it from photoshop to indesign to add the text.

instead of allowing the to just run down one side of the poster i decided for there to be two large columns for the text to sit allowing for the detailed description of the typeface to appear down the right hand side of the page where it originally sat. this then allowed space for the typeface title, the letterforms, numerical and glyphs to appear on the left hand side, also showing the different variations within the typeface itself.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 11.08.43

I feel that this has worked well and has created a more simpler and different design to the original.



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