|Type Specimen: Making & Feedback|


I decided to channel one of my ideas for my final piece i felt that this would be the best idea to show my ability to work within the software chosen for us to use, Indesign. I have currently used indesign before and i found the software easy to pick up and understand.

I started off creating my large letterforms however using photoshop, i found that this allowed me to create the text to the size i had originally hoped for and for it to look effective at the same time.  I started off my creating a large letter ‘g’, ‘o’ and ‘a’ this allowed for me to have the basic set up i had originally wanted. I then decided to copy each of these letterforms again however changing the opacity to create a more 3d effect to the final piece. This allowed me also to layer the letterforms to create a sense of formation and show the letterforms in different stages.

I then decided to add in the alphabet and numerical list to show the different letters within the typeface i have been given. This allows for the view to see the full set of letters and show the potential of the typeface itself. I also decided to add in the gill sans entails, i felt that this could blend into the background on a lower opacity to show the typeface used within the deeper depths of the poster itself. I then imported this file as a jpeg and began to edit the file on indesign. Placing the imagery into the indesign file was quite simple and creating the text to fit alongside the imagery was deemed quite successful.

I decided to enlarge my typeface as i didn’t feel that it was legible enough when i printed it out the first time and began to wonder whether there was again enough white space to balance out the imagery itself.

This is my final piece i thought that it worked well together to show the use of variety within the typeface and the main characteristics of the design itself. However i feel that there isn’t enough white space within the poster in order to balance out the text and imagery.

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 00.44.26


My feedback overall wasn’t too bad however i feel that there could be some small changes and improvements that i could do to make my type specimen better. Going back through my original designs i felt that i changed my design as i went through the process in order to make it more complicated however i feel that one of my more simpler designs could have actually been more effective. Centring my letterform imagery could have worked better for me and moving my typeface lower within the page. I could also invert the poster itself to create a white on black effect instead of black on white. This makes things automatically a little different and shows different range within the design. I have also been told that my text was too large for the size of the poster, therefore i would like to decrease the size of my text to show more balance within my work itself.


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