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For this particular task we have been asked to create a typographical poster for a chosen typeface given to us by our tutor. The chosen typeface that i have been given to research is  Gill Sans.The main poster must contain a large letter form, the title of the typeface, a description of the designer and the typeface itself. As well as all of the letterforms, numbers and glyphs in the chosen typeface to see it presented.

I have looked into the typeface gill sans and this is the information i have found about gill sans and what i am going to be using within my final piece itself.

“Arthur Eric Rowton Gill formally known as Eric Gill, was the creator and designer of the typeface Gill Sans. The english typographer not only studied type but also specialised as a sculptor, stonecutter, and print maker, whom was highly involved within the arts and crafts movement within the 20th century.

Eric Gill created the typeface Gill Sans in 1927-30 basing the idea on legible type, Gill created a sans serif typeface originally for the London underground. He created the typeface to look less mechanical than the other typefaces used within that era and aspired to create a more geometric sans serif, which was more versatile with its uses. The upper case forms used within Gill Sans are modelled on monumental roman capitals, this allowed for a geometric feel to the typeface and specific letterforms. Gill concentrated on keeping the typeface simple and crisp, this allowed for the typeface to be valued for its authenticity.

Gill sans is also available in different weights and styles, mainly used in its regular form the other possible styles available include: display condensed, outlined, ultra bold and many others including greek letter forms and cyrillic letters. The most current style is ultra light, its lighter than the original light version and has be realised in 2015, as the digitalised version.”

I have decided to keep my designs as simple as possible as i feel that these are the best pieces of editorial. However i do want this piece of work to stand out so i feel that these designs work well to portray this.

I have centred my designs around the lowercase letter ‘g’ as this is one of the most important and different letters used within the gill sans typeface. I felt that using this as a centre point within my design is a good idea and could work well as a set background idea.

Thumbnail 1:


I found that this design allowed space for all of the aspects that i wished to include as well as showing off the most important letters of the typeface itself, the ‘G’ and the ‘Q’ within gill sans stands out because of the small flicks they use as the tails of the letterforms themselves. This allows for those two specific letterforms to stand out as well as adding in glyphs and numbers to show diversity and range within the typeface itself. Keeping most of the text on the right hand side to keep the type clear and legible as well as allowing for space and an interesting placement for the full list of letterforms, numerical and glyphs to appear on the left hand side of the page.

Thumbnail 2:


I found the placement of the text within this idea to be spaced out to show separate paragraphs and levels of importance within the text. However i find that this also would be difficult to read and doesn’t allow a clear pathway to what should be read first within the page itself. However the large letterforms within the page stand out and create a form of imagery within the work. I feel that this works particularly well specially keeping the letterforms within the centre as the main source to focus on.

Thumbnail 3:


Keeping the text on the right hand side of this page works really well with the main focus of the letterforms appearing on the other side. The use of the positive white space within the middle of the page works really well and shows a direct pathway for you to take in the information on the page. I feel that the over lapping of the letterforms works really well too. putting a less opaque version of the letter form behind create a sense of shadow and 3d effect to the page which allows for the letterforms to be less static and become more interesting.

Thumbnail 4: 



I feel that keeping the main focus to be of the letterform ‘g’ works really well with this design however i feel that the placement within the space could be better, possibly centring the image could work better and moving the text to the bottom half of the page in order to balance the work out could also work really well. the use of the 3d effect could be interesting again however maybe using different weights of the typeface could be more playful.


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